SpaceBioLab San Diego

SpaceBioLab is a private group of citizen scientists, scientists, students, space and science enthusiasts. The goal of SpaceBioLab is it to establish a research facility to perform research in the field of space science, especially but not restricted to the areas of spacebiology, astrobiology and spacefarming.

Furthermore, it is our goal to write scientific articles about our research and publish the results in scientific journals.

We want to ignite the spark of curiosity for spacebiology and raise the awareness of the importance of spacebiological research for our species in the public and want to become an institution for the public for spacebiology related questions of interested citizens via engangement with the public with spacebiology themed events and talks.

SpaceBioLab San Diego is strongly affiliated and connected with the organization Icarus Interstellar and will work together on future projects.

Current  and planned projects

  • Organizing meetings with our SpaceBioLab meetup group
  • An online library of spacebiology related scientific articles for members of SpaceBioLab
  • An information booth at the weekend in the Balboa Park San Diego to inform the public and ignite the spark of curiosity for spacebiology
  • Setting up a lab space with the collaboration of The Wetlabs in San Diego


If you want to support the experiments and community of SpaceBioLab please use Patreon to support us.